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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Hiromi Miura
Japanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: Hoorah for Dr You and his bonkers Project.

Despite his lovely pie chart and stethoscope I don't think eating chocolate biscuits bananas and milk in abundance is really going to shift the pounds. There is probably something in the Korean small print about how often you are allowed to do it and if you are allowed to eat anything else.

Anyhow he looks a lot like he is from the Dharma Initative

But maybe that's because Wifey made we watch 23 episodes of Lost season 3 in a week after she had the box set of DVDs for Christmas.

Hiromi Miura
World of BiscuitsJapanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: I'm very pleased that you can get hold of some proper biscuits, and I know how much you like a nice Nice. It's also good to hear that we are keeping the balance of trade between the two nations, Korea sends us TVs, cars, computers, hair straighteners, HD / DVD players, mobile phones, set top boxes, MP3 players, sat-navs to go in the cars they already sent us, washing machines, microwave ovens, fridge freezers, air conditioning units, digital cameras, vacuum cleaners, hobs and ovens, cam-corders and printers.. and we send them some biscuits.

Hiromi Miura
Japanese Black Thunder

Leafy Pie and Green Tea Pocky Review
Nicey replies: Hello Hiromi,

Once again you've alerted us to yet another blatant copy of somebody else's biscuit by the Koreans. They might not have anything to do with Pocky directly but everything about them is borrowed from Glico's Pocky something I'm even more certain of since receiving your training shipments of Japanese biscuits. Still it must be nice for you and your husband to find such a familiar biscuit in your new home and to have a whole day devoted to it.

I think that the unless they change the date it will probably not spread too far outside of Korea, as on that date we remember those who died in wars and conflicts especially the WWI and WWII as it coincides with the end of WWI. No doubt the Koreans have such a reflective time too, when we are probably doing something frivolous possibly involving biscuits, such is the nature of global biscuit celebrations and human strife.

Richard Kitching
AeroplanesJapanese Black Thunder

Tim Tam vs Penguin Review
Nicey replies: Richard,

Firstly I shall be using our airplan icon for your message which until now has mean't issues with tea and biscuits arising whilst on an airplane, or something like that. It now also encompasses anything that people who work for airlines have to say.

We've been told before that the United Arab Emirates have blocked some of our content, I suppose we should be flattered that they have gone to so much trouble on our account. We would tone down our offensive language if we knew what it was we were saying. Perhaps in future they could just underline the offending bits in red and put a note at the bottom.

As for Biscuit Correspondent Hiromi, we have her latest report coming right up.

Hiromi Miura
World of BiscuitsJapanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: Well done biscuit correspondent Miura,

Your quest for biscuit solace in Korea seems to be bearing fruit now. I like the double 61 it is surely some sort of sign. Very interesting that the biscuit has lactic acid bacterium, and well done on the tricky double translation. Your reward was that it made you feel a bit strange when you ate it before you got the hang of them.