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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Eliot Galton
World of BiscuitsThe French
Nicey replies: I wonder if they ever heard of the Bandit biscuit.

Whilst in France a few weeks ago we gazed upon figures of Mammoths carved into cave walls by Cro Magnon man about 13,000 years ago.

Hiromi Miura
World of BiscuitsJapanese Black Thunder
Nicey replies: Good work biscuit correspondent Miura. We are now better informed on possible military uses for Korean biscuits. They do seem to have borrowed heavily from the Wagon Wheel in overall concept though

Dan Smith
World of Biscuits
Nicey replies: That's all very stimulating. What I know of Icelandic cuisine is that they once tried to give my Uncle Richard some fish that had been buried in a hole in the ground for a few weeks. The biscuits, even a reinforced rich tea sound better.

Hiromi Miura
ChocolateWorld of BiscuitsRocket ScienceJapanese Black Thunder

Japanese McVities Digestives Review
Nicey replies: Hiromi,

Yet another exotic Japanese Digestive. I wonder if chocolate digestives would fair better? The layer of chocolate might help stop them going soggy?

Trina Fitzalan-Howard
ChocolateWorld of Biscuits
Nicey replies: Hiya Trina,

Yes somebody did forward on that mail to me. I remember thinking that it was entirely fabricated for many reasons. How could they just charge her all that money without her permission and if they did then she should have taken them to court. Also she must have been a bit mad to write to a company and seek their recipes as they are subject to change and not disclosed to anybody. Also the company must be mad to do that, for the two reasons stated.

Finally people receiving recipes in unsolicited messages was basically the plot for the monster movie Species.