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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Jim Fussell
Personal mug
Nicey replies: Jim,

The scathing attack on dark chalky mugs I had been expecting.

It's a symptom of the malaise that people feel the need to have stuff written all over their tee shirts, hats, mugs, shoes, skin etc (Conveniently forgets about his own range of NCOTAASD merchandise). Its like people feel they need to annotate to themselves. "So that I better understand you, is there anything else about your person you feel I should read before we have a conversation? Or should we recklessly start chatting before I have read your mug and the back of your tee shirt and tops of your arms". It would be more helpful if people could stick PostIt notes to their foreheads with such things as "I've got a bit of a cold actually", or "I'm in a bit of a mood today, best off avoiding me", or "I'm planning on going out and buying some biscuits later".

Zoe Healey
Personal mug
Nicey replies: Typical yet another clueless design, "Here is a hot one", but we'll design a mug with a matt black glaze giving it the optimum coating for radiating its heat and there by going cold quicker. These are the same dim wits that put handles over the spouts of kettles to scald our fingers or easy open packaging that requires a knife and chopping board to get into.

Also that writing doesn't look like its written in chalk. I could send round one of the younger members of staff to them who would write over everything they hold dear in a variety of media including chalk, poster paint, biro and improvised engraving using old nails. That should set them straight on what chalk looks like.

Mike Armitage
Personal mug

Fruit Shortcake Review
Nicey replies: Mike,

Your tea drinking and sitting down facilities are an inspiration. I love the round table made out of decking. Also the attention to detail in the decor evokes a wonderful lorry park ambience like the two huge concrete slabs and the use of different sized skips, cable reels and a distant ladder. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Linda Barker didn't pick up on this and start passing it off as her ideas.

Amber Grace
Jaffa cakesTeaPersonal mug
Nicey replies: On Saturday we met the former Tory Defense Minister John Nott, whilst we were guests on Radio 4's Loose Ends. He had just got back from Glastonbury the day before where he had managed to blag his way in. The Portacabin which held his press ticket had been washed away in the flooding, and given that he is 71 the chap on the gate believed his story.

It also turns out he had a hand in the introduction of VAT and remembers the classification of the Jaffa Cake as one of the thorny issues they grappled with over thirty years ago.

Mark Pennington
TeaPersonal mugKettles
Nicey replies: Mark,

Not only are little plastic cups bad for the environment but they can also lead to tea spillage, and bring that unwelcome fragrance of injection moulded Polyethylene Terephthalate to your tea. I would make a stand, point out that their tea is not up to scratch and if you upset anyone it's OK because you'll be out of there soon. I would be surprised if a few people didn't rally to your cause.