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Wifey's Big Carpet Experiment

B3ta has started giving out top tips for the discerning housewife. I decided to check this one out as I didn't believe it would work. Apparently, to fix those bits of carpet that have been flattened by your furniture, just place an ice-cube on the spot, wait for it to melt and then dry, and hey-presto, your carpet is as good as new.

Stage 1. This is the most flattened bit of carpet we have, from underneath the dining room table.
Stage 2. The ice-cube. This one was fresh out of the freezer, an brought with it an escaped frozen pea, which was removed from the shot very quickly.
Stage 3. Despite the fact that the sun had gone in, the ice-cube began to melt almost immediately.
Stage 4. Yay! The sun's come out again, and as you can see the carpet is getting quite damp.
Stage 5. The ice-cube has all melted, but the carpet still seems to be a little flattened. Some of the younger members of the nicecupofteateam poke at it, to try and fluff it up.
Stage 6. The carpet's drying, and it seems that the junior team members have helped the process along. It's only a matter of time now until we see if it's worked!
Stage 7. Woo! Even though the sun has now gone again making comparisons difficult, it is true to say that the flattened bit of carpet has completely vanished. Hoorah!

Well there you have it. Thanks to B3ta, we now know how to get rid of those irritating marks on the carpet. Now I just have to put the table back into place, and everything will be back to normal.