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Hoorah for the Tea Bag Bin

Those lovely people at Tea Bag Bin, Big Brother housemates Dean and Stuart sent us one of their neat little Tea Bag Bin bins. We thought we would give it a thorough NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown going over. The Wife whose left hand is pictured below using the Tea Bag Bin, even had to make a special late night cup of tea so we could test it out the evening it arrived.


As simple as its name, the Tea Bag Bin is a mini bin you keep next to the kettle to avoid dripping tea all over your kitchen surfaces and floors.

Dean explains

'I just asked Stuart to run through the process of making a cuppa, right through from finding a cup, boiling the water, giving it a stir and then, when he got to the bit where he removes the tea bag, he said '...and then I plonk it into the kitchen sink.' Stop right there, I said, why don't you use a tea bag bin instead?'

Typically at NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown HQ all the tea bags end up either in the sink or piled up on the work top. At some point they get collected up and taken out to the compost bin. Well we took to our tea bag bin like ducks to water. Not only does it stop us having to clean the sink with bleach quite so often, but it collects up all our bags for composting.


We love compost and so do our courgettes. So its off down to the compost heap with the tea bag bin, and a quick twist to pull the top off.

The NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown courgette patch, powered by composted tea bags