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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Richard Clegg
Nicey replies: No it was the "Land That Time Forgot", I saw it lots of times including once at the pictures in Bridgend. its the one with the Submarine and evolving cavemen and Susan Penhaligon who my mate Rick fancied. It wasn't a Rhamphorhynchus because we know all about them as one of the younger members of staff is specifically frightened by a scary picture of one in their dinosaur books and it has special pointy teeth. Also they were way to small too carry off the cave man to its nest, like it did in the film.

"At The Earths Core" wasn't a patch on "The Land That Time Forgot" the former being very far fetched where as the later could have happened just like that.

Phil Musselwhite
Nicey replies: We have heard of blokes using that "I'm a biscuit designer" line more than once, and would offer this simple advice to impressionable young ladies. Unless you are specifically after picking up an accountant, when a bloke at a party tells you he is a biscuit designer ask to see his schematics and designs for new biscuits. If he makes a sketch of a jammy dodger on the back of a fag packet consider how much you want a relationship with somebody who is almost certainly better at sums than you are.

Alexandra Jenks
Vending machinesCustard
Nicey replies: Yes we have received quite a few emails from people now owning up to drinking dilute instant custard. Perhaps vending machines should switch from soup to custard.

Keith O'Kane
Vending machines
Nicey replies: Given how many people you see not drinking the soup you have to wonder how long that stuff has been sitting there.

Chris Rayment
Nicey replies: As you know Chris I'm not one for recipes but here is my trifle construction plan. In a measuring jug microwave one strawberry jelly in with a few tablespoons of water till its melted. Add a tin of strawberries in light syrup a hefty slug of cream sherry and make the whole lot up to a pint with cold water. Bung it in the trifle bowl and allow it to set. Take one pack of trifle sponges (you can use other sponges if you like but trifle sponges are best) and arrange them on top and douse them with a bit more sherry. Next cover in a pint of proper custard (not carton, not tub, not instant made with water, proper Birds custard made with milk), and allow to cool. After it has chilled in the fridge, whip up a pot of whipping cream and spread it on top. Then just before serving deploy hundreds and thousands or grate over some dark chocolate shavings.