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Your Views

Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

To help you work out what is what, are now little icons to help you see biscuit related themes. And now you can see at a glance which are the most contested subjects via this graph (requires Flash 6.0 plugin).

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If you like, you can use this search thingy to find stuff that matches with any of the icons you pick, or use the fantastic free text search, Yay!
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Your e-Mails

The FrenchTea
Nicey replies: Indeed. Never ever expect the French to produce a decent tea bag. Doubly so if they are basing their inspiration on a the leaf litter dragged into the borrow of a large alpine rodent. I could go on.


Lotus Caramelised Biscuits Review
Nicey replies: I hadn't noticed but I shall pay special attention now and report back my findings.

I like studying adverts, at the moment I'm paying special attention to the Pantene shampoo advert. The girl with the very long hair is so pleased at how shiny its become that it has turned her ever so slightly evil. She uses her mirror shine hair to annoy a sleeping stubbly bloke by dangling the ends of it in his face. I've noticed that just lately the stubbly bloke has anticipated her doing this and is now partially awake. Presumably he finds it increasingly hard to sleep soundly knowing that hair dangly girl could sneak up at any moment.

Kate P

Custard Cream Review
Nicey replies: And you did all that without mentioning Valentines Day (actually you did, and so did I now).

Jim Fussell
Nicey replies: Whilst I have no desire to bring down the wrath of a budget airline upon us, it does let me use a very succinct set of icons.

Dan and Laura
Cork Hat - Australia

Wagon Wheel Review
Nicey replies: Dan,

Thanks for sharing your Mother's difficult and somewhat embarrassing adolescent Wagon Wheel memories with us. Although this has obviously left its mark on her and indeed is now something that the whole family must bare, I feel that such information could be put to good use. Perhaps the plot for a movie in which desperate souls escape a sinking ship by clinging to its buoyant cargo of Wagon Wheels. I hope it's not necessary to unwrap them first as that could be tricky in an unfolding disaster scenario. Then again it could add dramatic tension.

We are always happy to review Arnotts biscuits when we get our hands on them, and yes we like biscuits that get people talking.

Also glad to hear that your supply of PG Tips is being appreciated down under.