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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Mat Charles
Personal mugDunking

Marks and Spencer Dunking Cookies Review
Nicey replies: Looks like a case of parallel evolution to me, as they are similar but not identical. It does, however, call into question the M&S claim to be the world's first cookie designed for dunking, which seemed a little presumptuous.

Oh nice mug by the way.

Reshmi Ray

Parle-G Review
Nicey replies: Reshmi,

Well they probably won't be keen on it but don't let that stop you. We get plenty of emails from people who dunk their toast in all sorts of configurations, buttered, jammy etc into their tea, and that's not too dissimilar. Constantly pushing at the boundaries of dunking technology is a noble pastime, and more important than ever in the twenty first century, I expect. Also the fact that your granny used to do it lends it a certain seal of approval by the older generation, toothless or not.

Mike Howells
Pink WafersPersonal mugDunking
Nicey replies: Mike,

Fourthly congratulations to you on raising such an important topic. Mug handles are often over looked. I did briefly mention in the book the unsatisfactory nature of novelty shaped handles, but as you rightly point out small ones with that little corner bit on are just as disastrous, never mind having to carry six of them.

Nicholas Bryan
Nicey replies: Personally I view the Rusk as a training biscuit. Obviously some people require more training than others. Curiously the younger members of staff required no training what so ever. As to if they should be for babies only, I think that is a matter for an individuals conscience, unless of course you are actually in some way stealing them from babies, which would be a bit out of order.

Actually I've never understood that expression 'easy as stealing candy from a baby'. I recall when one of the younger members of staff got hold of Wifey's box of handmade Belgan Chocolates, I had a hell of job rescuing the remains and it took a couple of j-clothes and a bath to clean up the mess.

James Singleton
Seek you the GrailDunking
Nicey replies: Yes we have heard of it from several people although this is the first time we have had a manufacturer mentioned. I think it might have suffered from being presumptuous in many peoples eyes. A bit like calling a vehicle a 'shopper', when lots of cars/bikes are perfectly able to go the shops and do many other things besides.