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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Brian Barratt
Cork Hat - Australia
Nicey replies: Just because you like your tea black Barratt (Mr) there is no need to stir up trouble.

The milk guy is a bit over zealous. Everything we eat has bacteria in it, bit unfair to lay that one on milk. Luckily we evolved on the same planet as bacteria so we have the means of coping with that.

As for growth hormones, well lets leave that to the Americans shall we.

Antibiotics and pesticides, well again unfair to single out just milk again on that one, and of course there is now Organic milk freely available.

Fat and cholesterol. Yes, its part of our diet, up to the individual to eat sensibly.

He didn't mention that you could drown in the milk if you held your head under for long enough, or that being hit by a tanker load of the stuff would be dangerous.

Dave Serjeant
Personal mug
Nicey replies: That's a charming story of mug affection. Good luck finding a Yoda.

Ivory Fishbone

Mark Greenwood
Rocket SciencePersonal mug

Dan Pawley

McVitie's Lyles Creams Review
Nicey replies: Dan,

I thought you were going to tell me it was from the Bible again, which of course we know. Most people who like to tell us its from the Bible never actually make it to the review where we mention that, before firing off an email about Samson and the book of Judges.

So its good hear a little more constructive thoughts on why you should expect to get Honey from lions. The 'Bible emails' all completely neglect the fact that bees do by and large and almost without exception prefer hollows in trees to rotting animal carcasses as a place to build a hive. The whole Winnie the Pooh thing would have been a lot more grisly if this where not so.

I suppose this is a matter of faith by its very nature. For Christians if the Bible says you get honey from lions then you do. No doubt there are strong links between the two.

Perhaps some of our South African readers would care to tell us in bee hives in dead lions is something known about in their country.