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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Maddalena Feliciello
Nicey replies: Oh I quite agree, thats why a had a sly jibe at it in last weeks BOTW. I just wish for once they turned up on a planet where everybody spoke Welsh, and after 5 minutes they had to give up leave again cause the translator couldn't do Welsh, or they got tied of wiping off the little bits of spit off of their faces. Then they would have to spend the next 55 minutes just sitting around not doing anything. Maybe they could use the time constructively and do some tidying up, or put some nice net curtains up on all those windows they have.

Is there anybody left I haven't offended there?

Jim Grevatte

Michael Jarman
Nicey replies: Well spotted, this was of course entirely intentional showing how alien cakes might generate their gravity inversion field so as to give an even lighter sponge. Of course this requires that the jam goes on top.

James E. Petts
Nicey replies: Regarding Gingerbread men, Gingerbread is a cake, despite wanting to be some kind of bread. By association this makes gingerbread men cakes. Certainly the ones baked locally are more cake than biscuit. However I do think that you would really need to make a case by case judgement as recipes vary so much.

Richard Tysoe
Nicey replies: They sound German to me. This is exactly the sort of thing you can get from Lidl's or Aldi supermarkets in the UK, who I think are German owned.