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Keep your e-mails pouring in, it's good to know that there are lots of you out there with views and opinions.

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Your e-Mails

Greg Fradd

Bourbon Review
Nicey replies: Greg,

Sorry to hear of your run in with the dud non-standard Bourbons. My last run-in with said dodgy biscuits was at a theatrical event entitled 'three men and a bourbon', which Wifey and I travelled down to London to see. The cast passed round a packet of Happy Shopper Bourbons hurriedly purchased some thirty minutes earlier, prior to their performance. This of course created an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere amongst the modest audience, (well I thought so) and personally lasted till at least Letchworth Garden City on the train home.

T. Maryam

Wagon Wheel Review
Nicey replies: Hello T. Maryam,

I'm flattered that you think that I, a mere bloke with a website, could hold sway over the contents of the legendary Wagon Wheel. I share your enthusiasm for it too, however, it is not within my limited powers to grant you your wish, nor I suspect Burton's who actually make them. The gelatine based mallow of the Wagon Wheel which has already in recent years undergone significant revisions to both its biscuits and coating is the last bastion of retro biscuit engineering left in the product. To fiddle with this bit because of your dietary choices would be the straw that broke the camels back. So I'm afraid you will have forgo them along with, strawberry jelly, trifles, fruit fools, marshmallows, chocolate teacakes and pigs trotters.

Gill Casey
Tea cosy
Nicey replies: Your subject matter may be topical but more importantly it lets me use the tea-cozy icon.

David Schwartz
Nicey replies: Thanks David,

The genuine hot water from McDonalds is a very good tip indeed.

Japanese Black Thunder

Nabisco Nutter Butter Review
Nicey replies: Hello Nick,

Good to hear from you again. By now you will be winging your way to the land of 'not yet achieving and icon'. We often get asked this question by forward thinking travellers such as yourself and so far the biscuit which I found the most plausible is the Graham Cracker. Its very name would be enough to keep most Brits at bay thinking its some kind of aspiring cheese board wanna-be. It is, however, a quite reasonable sweet biscuit and has little creases embedded in it which aid its breaking apart into smaller sections. For this reason alone it punches above its weight, making it one of the must see biscuits for the inquiring biscuit tourist.

Strawberry Newtons are notable in as much as there really isn't anything like them in the UK, so its worth just trying them to say you have. Likewise another Nabisco biscuit the NutterButter which having peanut butter in them isn't going to make on our shelves anytime soon, although I did actually find them appealing to my inner child like some sort of new sweet shop treat.

To be honest it is as you suspect a much more serious problem getting any sort of sensible cuppa, so I hope you have your teabags packed and access to boiling water over the next fortnight.